Das2 HAPI Subsystem

This Das2 server supports the Heliophysics Application Programming Programming Interface (HAPI) 1.1 specification for query and delivery of single resolution, uniform time series data. The following common Das2 data sources will not fit within into the HAPI specification and are automatically excluded from the catalog:

Because of these restrictions, dependence on the Heliophysics API as the primary access mechanism for the data on this server is not recommend.


The HAPI subsystem consists of the following four paths that will respond to HTTP GET requests.

  1. capabilities describe the capabilities of the server; this lists the output formats the server can emit (CSV)
  2. catalog list the datasets that are available; each dataset is associated with a unique id
  3. info obtain a description for dataset of a given id; the description defines the parameters in every dataset record
  4. data stream data content for a dataset of a given id; the streaming request must have time bounds (specified by request parameters time.min and time.max) and may indicate a subset of parameters (default is all parameters)

Many datasets available from this server may not fit into the output format required by the API. For these, use of the native Das2 stream format is recommended. For more information on the Helophysics API, it's capabilities and restrictions, see this page at the SPASE web site.